Disclosure amongst others are currently breathing new life into late 80’s / early 90’s club music with a scaled-down dubstep enthused attitude. Latest of the bunch is the mysterious UK producer SOPHIE, supposedly a male producer named Sam, who resently released the dynamic dance-floor killer “BIPP”. What’s interesting about “BIPP” is the way it managed to stay bouncy even though it’s almost entirely stripped of kick drums and hi hats. With only an occasional snare and morphed cowbells to show for, it actually sounds like a naked version of itself. But it’s certainly the type of track that immediately would start a fire on any dancefloor. “BIPP” teases its way through its short three minutes without ever climaxing, showing that less could be more even in the sweatiest of clubs.

“BIPP” basically consist of an incredibly energetic bass line, exceptionally engineered sounds effects (think morphed/pitched percussions instead of synthesizers) and a sticky high-pitched hook that goes “I can make feel better, if you let me”. But most importantly, it works. If you’re not hearing this on the dance-floor, you’re going to the wrong clubs.

“BIPP” is out now via the excellent label Numbers

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