Oceaán – Neéd U


America has given us How To Dress Well, The Weeknd and Autre Ne Veut. Now the UK is playing catch-up with the former Jessie Ware drummer Dornik dropping the beautiful “Something About You” a few weeks back, and presented below is Manchester’s Oceaán, who make excellent use of his Tom Krell-esque falsetto over a minimalistic, almost tech house style arrangement that takes me back to the heydays of Kompakt Records. The appeal of “Neéd U” rests on the allusive, gentle harmonies that make a huge contrast to the soulful vocals. These are the same traits that make How To Dress Well such a gripping listen.

“Neéd U” is only the second release from Oceaán, following last year’s even scanter and less accessible “Haze”. Don’t know much about who’s releasing it, or if its self-released, but no question that this is a talented individual.

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