Postiljonen – Atlantis


Instant Classic

Being a small country, Swedish people, how humble they may appear, often boast about the Swedish Pop Sensation, which basically goes back to the days of ABBA and moves across times to Roxette, Ace Of Base, Max Martin’s legendary Cheiron studio and on to todays never ending stream of high profiled production teams and brilliant pop artists. But even if one would disregard major pop icons like Robyn, The Knife, Avicii, Rebecca & Fiona, Niki & The Dove and Icona Pop or producers Red One and Bloodshy & Avant, there still are astonishingly lot of excellent music bubbling just below the mainstream surface. Not bad for a country of 9 million.

The latest group that’s knocking on the mainstream door is the Norwegian/Stockholm trio Postiljonen. You may have heard them across different blogs over the past six months, but never this good. If the nostalgia-bleached dream-pop of “Atlantis” doesn’t qualify to become one of the summer’s greatest anthems, then I don’t know what does. No doubt that “Atlantis” will generate a lot of comparison to M83 and rightfully so. The incredible saxophone intro and the following break bring our minds to a wonderful morph between “Midnight City” and “Kim & Jessie”. Every possible word you would use to describe Anthony Gonzalex brilliant double album may just as suitably apply here.

I’ve been unwearyingly following Postiljonen’s previous releases, and all of them would in hindsight qualify for a post on this blog, but with “Atlantis” they’ve blown me into pieces and scattered my remaining across salty waves and breezy shores. I had the privilege of giving their debut album Skyer a few spins and I can assure you that there’s a lot more brilliance waiting to reveal itself.

Skyer is out on July 22 via Best Fit Recordings. If you live in Sweden, you’re lucky. It’s out already.

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