Beck – I Won’t Be Long


I have to admit that 2002’s Sea Change was the latest time I gave a Beck album a front to back spin, but the more I listen to “I Won’t Be Long” the more convinced I am that it’s once again worth considering what the now 42 years old oddball has to offer. He’s reportedly putting out two albums this year, one acoustic and one proper follow-up to 2008’s Modern Guilt. Musically, “I Won’t Be Long” is powered by a dirty irresistible bass line that could have been lifted of Deerhunter’s Microcastle, while presenting some of his most welcoming and accessible songwriting for over a decade. It’s unclear if “I Won’t Be Long” or the drum-heavy electro-psych of “Defriended” will be featured on an album, but it shows that Beck’s still has lot more to offer as an artist.

One thought on “Beck – I Won’t Be Long

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