Holy Ghost! – Teenagers In Heat

holy ghost teenagers in heat

Holy Ghost! have done a great job of maintaining DFA’s legacy as the record label that produced some of the best electronic new wave of the last decade. Their 2011 debut album made a surprisingly lasting impression, and so did last year’s excellent one-off single “It Gets Dark”. Still, they might be solid crafters of dance-floor grooves, but they are no pop wizards like Cut Copy or Hot Chip. I presume it’s the main reason why they never manage to gain the same repute as their peers. “Teenagers In Heat” might not be the track to change all that, but it’s their most distinguishing release so far. The James Murphy produced track is cheerier and less inconspicuous than we’re accustomed to, building on a fast paced playful arrangement, loaded with all the nostalgic New Order-esque synthesizers that one could’ve hoped for.

“Teenagers In Heat” follows the bouncy LCD Soundsytem-esque nu-disco of “Dumb Disco Ideas” as their  second release of the year, however it seems like it won’t be featured on their upcoming sophomore album, due out on September 10.  The Tracklist for Dynamics is found below:


01 Okay
02 Dumb Disco Ideas
03 Changing of the Guard
04 Dance a Little Closer
05 It Must Be the Weather
06 1 for Edgar
07 I Wanna Be Your Hand
08 Bridge and Tunnel
09 Don’t Look Down
10 In the Red
11 Cheap Shots

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