Iron Galaxy – Giving You


Montreal producer Adam Hodgins, who under his Iron Galaxy moniker produces retrospective techno/acid house with a renewed screw, is back with his best creation to date. The glow-sticky, hyper-active energy of “Giving You” is a brilliant up-to-date take on 80’s acid house with just enough tension to sound more electrifying than most similar sounding efforts. The razor sharp bass-line and the aloof soulful vocal sample are married together with pulsating 808’s and a backdrop of Detroit-style textures.

The Detroit to Manchester to Ibiza sound that made the end of the 80’s / early 90’s the most exciting time in electronic music history, is well worth a revisit from time to time and Iron Galaxy makes it a more pleasurable ride than most of his contemporaries.

“Giving You” is lifted of the new EP Things We Lost Along the Way, out via Born Electric on July 15.

One thought on “Iron Galaxy – Giving You

  1. Mehdi says:

    Stefan Ferencz, you are absolutely right. I felt nostalgic listening to iron galaxy especially my time in Spain and Ibiza in the early 90s.

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