Ariel Pink Feat. Jorge Elbrecht – Hang On To Life


I could go on and on telling you why Ariel Pink is one of my most admired artists of the last decade, but I will settle for stating that his legacy to the current boom of bedroom artists and lo-fi recordings has widely been determined, making him more or less a living legend, or at least some obscure pop-phenomenon that fascinates people not only for his music, but also for his persona.

He doesn’t strike gold on every attempt, but when he does, few can match the way he creates a perfect blend of obscure art-pop and beautiful, wide-ranging harmonies. Needless to say, I greet every Pink release with a great amount of anticipation.

On “Hang On To Life”, Pink teamed up with Jorge Elbrecht from Violens to deliver a distinctive soft-rock piece, leaning towards some of Pink’s more accessible creations on Before Today and Mature Themes. Pink’s and Elbrecht’s vocals are melted together with breezy nostalgia-drenched synthesizers, and continues Pink’s undeniably fascinating run of turning his unique sound into a direction that appeals to a wider audience. The result is as charming and beautiful as one might expect.

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