Smith Westerns – Case & Point


Soft Will, released earlier this year, was a successful follow up to Smith Western’s breakthrough record Dye It Blond. But strangely they chose not to include “Case & Point”, which I feel exceeds almost anything on the record. Its subtle psychedelic, almost melancholic vibe, may not have fully fitted the upbeat sunny atmosphere of Soft Will, but regardless, it sits up there nicely with “All Die Young” and “Varsity” as one of their greatest accomplishments. “Case & Point” shows the band’s quality of writing an attention-grabbing yet complex composition with a drifting Lennon/McCartney-inspired refrain. But most astonishingly, the track fades with hazy synthesizers that marry perfectly with a beautiful Pink Floyd-ish guitar solo that may well be one of the loveliest I’ve heard all year.

“Case & Point” is the 7” B-side to “Varsity”.

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