Keep Shelly In Athens – Recollection


Keep Shelly In Athens former single “Madmen Love” indicated that the Grecian duo had something fresh and original to offer. The gloomy presence and slow-moving Mezzanine-era beats that eventually erupted into a sudden burst of stadium-size synthesizers and a blazing fire of guitars, did more than enough to live up to any expectations acquired by their 2011 Solar Bears remix. Finally, the duo has announced that a debut LP, titled At Home, is on its way and “Recollection” is its first proper teaser.

While “Recollection” may not harvest any obvious hooks or shifting harmonies, it relies on a radiant delivery that is much more rooted in traditional synth-pop than its predecessor. Sarah P’s vocals sounds less disheartened, while the composition is based around a traditional 4/4 rhythm and chopped-up samples. It might not evoke the haunting atmosphere of “Madmen Love”, but the result is just as self-assured.

“Madmen  Love” along with the aforementioned Solar Bear remix separated Keep Shelly In Athens from any comparable acts, at least in terms of creativity. And while I’m not entirely sure “Recollection” will share the same destiny, it does more than enough to reveal the duos broadening range.

At Home is out on September 17 via Cascine.

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