Shadow Shadow – 1000001


From my hometown of Malmoe comes Mattias Friberg a.k.a Shadow Shadow, who on the brilliant retrospective “100001” teamed up with female vocalists Kicki Halmos to deliver a track with rich otherworldly textures that could’ve served as a score to a romantic sci-fi movie. Or in other words it sounds like something between a John Hughes soundtrack and an 80’s power pop ballad. Maybe it’s not that surprising since Friberg used Douglas Adam’s classic sci-fi tale The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy as a subconscious influence. It’s also about clinging on to hope when all hope is lost, Friberg commented in the press release.

“1000001” will serve as the B-side of the Nashville country meets sci-fi pop of “Riviera” (pretty sure it’s the first time I use these two genres joint together as a reference). Either way, both tracks are beautifully constructed and remind me once magain why I should keep a closer look at what’s happening in my own back yard. “Riviera / 1000001” is out July 23 via Nonchalant Records.

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