Antimatter People – The Cipher


Yehan Jehan and his four piece band Antimatter People has released EP’s and played  venues together for a good couple of years before the East Londoner’s  decided to undergo a rebranding. They deleted any previous releases from SoundCloud and changed their name from Yehan Jehan & Antimatter People, to only be referred to as Antimatter People.

Their psychedelic revivalist sound has slowly gained more exposure, sometimes compared to the sound of Grizzly Bear and Tame Impala, but to be frank their crispy high fidelity sound has actually a lot more in common with late-70’s Pink Floyd. Their previous single “Mossy Grounds” combined gorgeous falsetto vocals with a charming The Police-esque reggae groove, while their latest offering “The Cipher” is more psychedelic in nature, especially when considering the Pink Floyd-ian guitar solos at the end. However, these influences from 70’s British pop never become too obvious and considering that current indie pop is mostly stuck in a state of lo-fi/bedroom production style, it’s refreshing to hear a band that breaks from the norm.

The consistency of their releases is impressive, yet they continue to become a little bit better with every subsequent release. This is a band worthy of more acknowledgement. .

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