Lawrence Rothman – Montauk Fling


One of the summers most fascination creations comes from the mysterious man Lawrence Rothman. His first ever composition, “Montauk Fling” withhold a wide spectrum of genres, but combined together, Rothman has created an original and gripping piece of art. The instrumentation is rooted in  late-80’s pop music that for some reason brings to mind Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” (although I could just as easily referenced something that might’ve accompanied Sonny Crockett on a late-night Ferrari drive). But from the very first moment that Lawrence Rothman reveals his distinctive baritone voice, all presumptions of what “Montauk Fling” might sound like, disappears. From there-on, “Montauk Fling” blossoms into an immediately gripping experience, taking hold of the listener and never losing its grip. The interplay between Rothman’s voice and the lightsome composition creates a weird, almost disturbing fusion that’s hard to shrug off. The strange visuals, directed by the Award-winning Floria Sigismondi (David Bowie, Björk, Marilyn Manson) just makes the case stronger: It’s a beautiful dark twisted fantasy, where Lawrence portrays himself as a deranged Elizabeth Taylor lookalike while being surrounded by two equally disturbing dancing characters.

While there isn’t any real distinction between the verse and chorus, Rothman’s sings his convincing lyrics in a cloud of despair; “Can I Be Your Boyfriend / Can I Be The Pill For Your Pain” he asks before he shows  the full range of his voice by wondering “Why You Wanna Fuck Like Strangers Do?”, in an unusual falsetto. The tension of “Montauk Fling” builds stronger with every anxious question Rothman asks, until he shrieks out his fury while being trailed by eerie synthesizers that bare an uncanny resemblance to The Knife. It’s a hauntingly beautiful ending to a stunning debut.

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