Annie – The A&R EP


The Norwegian pop princess might not be the most prolific artists around, but you can’t fault her consistency of delivering quality synth-pop. While everything she’s done up to this point has been compared to the fizzy and sticky debut of “Chewing Gum”; on “Invisible” she’s packed with attitude to deliver the darkest, most dancefloor-ready track of her career.

Annie sounds edgier than ever, bringing a “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do”-style spoken word rambling in the verses while pitch-shifting her vocals that ranges from The Knife-esque morphing to her usual sweet delicate high-pitched voice. Long-term collaborator Richard X provides his usual thick production, buried deep in acid house traditions and late-90’s trancy house aesthetics.

While “Invisible” is The A&R EP’s  clear stand-out, “Ralph Macchio” as well as “Hold On” and “Mixed Emotions” deliver the goods, making The A&R EP her finest offering since 2004’s much praised Anniemal.

“Invisible” and The A & R EP is out now. Stream it via Soundcloud.

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