Holy Holy – Impossible Like You


Time and time again, Australia proves itself to be the world’s greatest place for inspired psychedelic music. And while it might not be the easiest task to break through the huge wall of current psych-pop, if someone deserves it, it’s the talented duo of Holy Holy.

“Impossible Like You” appears mesmerizing in repetitive doses, created by two obviously talented musicians with enormous potential. From the very first seconds of “Impossible Like You”, Timothy Carroll and Oscar Dawson showcase their expansive theatrical composition, draped in late-60’s, early-70’s guitar play and shimmering psychedelic textures. The song is an exercise in psych-rock history, portraying a band that knows their influences immensely well. A lot of references pop into mind; everything from classic acts such as Top Drawer, The 13th Floor Elevators , Love and even a bit of Fleetwood Mac,  to contemporaries like Band Of Horses, The Shins and Local Natives. But these revelations are never too obvious, keeping the melodies and songwriting firmly at the core. It’s a beautifully composed song where Carroll’s colorful vocals and Dawson’s animated instrumentation complement each other flawlessly, rising well beyond any form of mediocrity.

To say the least, “Impossible Like You” is an impressive and substantial debut from a band that in a just world should be on everybody’s lips. While I suspect that unfortunately won’t happen overnight, please do yourself a favor and discover one of Australia’s best kept secrets.


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