Beat The Heart – Nurse Me (With Your Soul)


According to the bio, the Swedish band Beat The Heart has previously been compared to Band Of Horses and My Morning Jacket, but based on their latest offering I would say that they’re not entirely unlike Johnossi, another Swedish band combining huge reverberated 80’s style vocals with conformist guitar-play. Even if “Nurse Me (With Your Soul)” may come off as a fairly standard piece of indie rock, the Stockholm quartets head-on conviction and passion is admirable and has a way of sneaking up on you. Yet, already on the first spin, “Nurse Me (With Your Soul)” reveals its catchiness, and while there may not be anything new under the sun, the shifting texture between its pensive verses and upbeat refrain creates a brooding tension that feels uniquely their own.

Compared to their folksy debut EP Gelbe Market, this is considerable more upbeat and straightforward rocking. While “Nurse Me (With Your Soul)” is by far their greatest achievement, they still have some more ground to clear before becoming a reliable source of quality indie pop. Still, they’ve traveled far in only a short period in time and it’s a good thing that they made the decision to put all their efforts into music. Make sure to watch for their sophomore EP It Never Ends, due out later this summer.


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