Born Gold – Hunger


Cecil Frena was frontman of the now dissolved Canadian weirdo electronic band Gobble Gobble, a band that might ring a few bells for electro-pop enthusiasts since two of Frena’s former bandmates Megan James and Corin Roddick went on to form Purity Ring. Although not nearly as populist, Frena reinvented himself under the new Born Gold moniker. Little Sleepwalker, his sophomore album released last year, was a weird attempt at the Canadian synth-pop sound pioneered by Crystal Castles and later by his former bandmates. But frankly, most of the time it only managed to manifest into a cluttered and bizarre spectacle of different electronic subgenres, making Little Sleepwalker no more than a curiosity.

Now, “Hunger” is something completely different. Clair Boucher, otherwise known as Grimes, is a close friend of Frena and have already stated that “it might be one of the best songs he’s (Cecil Frena) ever written”. It’s his first serious attempt as a solo artist at a real pop song; considerably more straightforward with a hookish refrain and a melodious composition, while at the same time maintaining and even pushing the boundaries of his experimental obscurities. It isn’t in any way an attempt to rival the “modern pop” of his Canadian contemporaries; it still contains equal amount of absurdity as his former offerings, but this time it’s balanced out with something that pushes the boundaries and to a certain degree portrays Frena as a pop visionary. The result is no less than a smart and sincere track where Frena for the first time as Born Gold express his personalized footprint as an artist.

Born Gold’s sophomore album I Am An Exit is out October 8.

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