Sun Machine – Save Your Sorrows


Instant Classic

Very few blogs and online publishers seem to have picked up on Sun Machine – the mysterious project of an English guy name Tom. At the most basic level, “Save Your Sorrows” is a breezy, translucent track; psych-pop and dream-pop in equal amounts. With vocals not unlike Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox and heavily reverberated nostalgic textures similar to Wild Nothing, it’s a hypnotic, almost haunting experience, while remaining accessible and melodic. It’s the second of two tracks to be found on Sun Machine’s SoundCloud page, with “Save Your Sorrow” being the more patient and serene. The more energetic and faster paced “Come Down” is more straightforward in its nature, revolving around deceptively soothing guitar play that recalls the mood of late 80’s/early 90’s dream-pop with touches of shoegaze thrown into the pot.

Sun Machine’s music is an assured statement of talent. Whoever “Tom” might be, he possesses great amount of skill and boundless possibilities. I’ve heard a lot of new music released in the wake of what we could call a broad definition of “dream-pop revivalism”, but few debuts have been this immediately gratifying. Even more so; the more you listen to Sun Machine, the more rewarding it gets. Hopefully, we won’t be cheated of new material for long, but more importantly; I hope Sun Machine’s music will gradually meet a wider audience, as he rightfully deserves.

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