Cults – I Can Hardly Make You Mine


Do you remember Cults? The two piece band that 2011 spread like wildfire over the blogosphere. Their self-titled debut album contained a sweet and catchy combination of bedroom indie pop and 60’s girl pop vein, borrowing equally from Phil Spector’s classic melodies as from Real Estate and similar guitar driven lo-fi acts. The album generated at least a handful of contagious and life-affirming pop tunes with “Go Outside” probably being their most recognized and sing-along friendly.

Finally the New York duo has revealed the first single of their impending follow-up titled Static. On “I Can Hardy Make You Mine” they’ve further elevated their sound, borrowing a bit of drumming and guitar technique from Tame Impala while still maintaining the same level of vitality and catchiness as on their debut. By the hands of Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Youth Lagoon, Deerhunter) and longtime producer Shane Stoneback, the lower register is given more space, enhancing the overall sound with an added richness and a little bit of additional oomph. All in all, “I Can Hardy Make You Mine”  is a lovely new single and hopefully the duo can avoid a sophomore slump.

Static is out October 15 via Columbia.

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