Keep Shelly In Athens – Oostende


About a month ago Keep Shelly In Athens released “Recollection”, a track that’s grown on me during these scorching summer days, even surpassing their excellent “Madmen Love”. The Grecian duo recently issued yet another lovely offering, further nourishing their winning streak of beautiful singles that’s leading up to their soon-to-be released debut album.

Compared to “Recollection”, “Oostende” is even more rooted in pop, not unlike a wonderful morph between Kate Bush and Chvrches, but without the latter’s apparent radio-friendly hooks. Instead Keep Shelly In Athens are all about ambiance and dreamy textures, held together by Sarah P’s ethereal vocals. What these two latest singles tell me is that it’s not a necessity for a synth-pop act to deliver an earthshattering hook to be imposing. But then again, this is not really a synth-pop band is it? This is a duo that knows all too well about changing their gear, mixing it up and delivering something new with every offering. Not only that, they seem to get better with every subsequent release. With “Madman Love” they got my attention, now with “Recollection” and “Oostende”, they not only have my fullest attention, but their upcoming At Home has slowly become one of my most anticipated electronic record releases of this fall. Due out via Cascine on September 17.

At Home Tracklist:

1. Time Exists Only To Betray Us
2. Oostende
3. Recollection
4. Flyway
5. Higher
6. Madmen Love
7. Stay Away
8. Room 14 (I’m fine)
9. DIY
10. Knife
11. Sails
12. Hover
13. Back to Kresnas street

3 thoughts on “Keep Shelly In Athens – Oostende

  1. Frida says:

    You sure have a gift for writing! This post really made me curious about how the song sounded and I wasn’t dissapointed. Truly enjoyed it! Thanks!

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