Solomon Grey – Gascarene Sound


With textures not unlike an M83 slow burner and vocals reminiscent of Bon Iver, Solomon Grey’s second single is a beautiful journey of ethereal qualities. As the song progress there is a subtle faint swelling, bolstered by layered mounting synthesizers and delicate suggestive drumpads. It’s exceedingly cinematic in its scope, but amidst the wall-of-sound type of ambiance, the fragile vocals sound lonely and abandoned, channeling a heartfelt sadness that’s hard to shake off.  The Thom Undrell directed video further enhances this sentiment by showing haunting images of ghostlike women trapped underneath muddy waters. A perfect match.

Solomon Grey is a duo consisting of the Britt Tom Kingston and Aussie man Joe Wilson who recently signed to Black Butter Records. “Gascarene Sound” is the follow up to “Gen V”, a track considerably more up-tempo, yet just as brittle. There is a quiet brilliance in both compositions that hopefully more people will discover.

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