Forest Fire – Waiting In The Night


Forest Fire’s upcoming third record was for the first time recorded in a proper studio with an outside producer, making their album teaser ”Waiting In The Night” arguably their most focused and fully realized song of their career. Their two previous albums, 2008’s Survival and 2011’s Staring at the X were sonically scattered all across the place, containing everything from chant-y campfire thrums to the bass driven space-disco of the glorious “They Pray Execution Style”. With the rainbow colored folktronica of “Waiting In The Night” it seems as they once again turned the corner, pushing towards a retro-futuristic psychedelia, similar to MGMT and Youth Lagoon.

The arpeggiated synth intro sets the mood from the very first note, followed by a sliding reverberated guitar and Mark Thresher’s whispering vocals. As much as I enjoyed “They Pray Execution Style”, “Waiting In The Night” is my favored Forest Fire song to date, raising the bar for Screens – out September 10 in the US and September 2 in UK via Fat Cat Records.

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