Paul Conrad – Thanks For Nothing


Attempting to write anything about Paul Conrad would leave pretty much an empty page. His breathtakingly beautiful, and as far as I know, only single “Thanks For Nothing” was a chance discovery over at the brilliant My Old Kentucky Blog, so all credit is due to them. After an hour spent at various search engines, I ended up with basically nothing. What I do know is that he’s from Australia and his “Thanks For Nothing” is a stunning heartfelt piece with the ability to transcend time and space. As timeless as it is, nothing about it sounds like a typical sing/songwriter song. Conrad’s full bodied voice and the twirling guitars are heavily processed with reverbs and echoes, slowly mounting its way with a restrained intimacy. Around the beginning of the second verse, a subtle bass is added and by the time the second refrain is reached, the song is floating freely, unbound of gravity.

“Thanks For Nothing” is an absolute masterpiece from start to finish, rattling and stirring up emotions along its short way. “They hung you out to dry…/ You bled out in the sky/ Abuse is just a point of view”, Conrad sings with heart-wrecking conviction. But there is no real need for more words, it only needs your undivided attention for three short minutes,and if you’re a blogger or in any way associated with any musical press, please spread the word. We need more honest and profound artists like Paul Conrad.

And if you know anything more about Paul Conrad and/or his music please feel free to inform us.

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