Poliça – Chain My Name


Following the wonderful “Tiff”, a folksy R&B collaboration with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, the Minneapolis quartet recently premiered “Chain My Name”, the second single from their forthcoming sophomore album. As a contrast to the darker mood of “Tiff”, “Chain My Name” is an upbeat, energetic composition that’s closer to synth-pop than anything the band created hitherto.

With both “Tiff” and “Chain My Name” breaching into more melodic, pop friendlier territories, the bands sound has changed considerably compared to the much subtler debut of Give Up The Ghost. With two of its member’s being drummers, the band has clearly made better use of their qualities, hitting away and filling up a huge chunk of the sonical space. The drums, along with the funky electronic bass line lay the groundwork for Channy Leaneagh’s hauntingly gorgeous vocals to breathe on top. Her vocals are still processed by auto-tunes, reverbs and distortions, albeit much less than before, but it’s still a brawl to recognize what the heck she’s singing about. If the vivid and violent imagery of their aesthetics (album cover, video for “Tiff”) is anything to go by, I suspect it isn’t particularly child-friendly. Either way, it creates a fascinating contrast between beauty and violence that works mostly to their benefit, even if I’m not entirely sure if it’s merely for shock value, or if it actually works as an artistic expression.

Chain My Name” is as contagious as anything the band has ever written, possibly matching “Tiff” in-terms of intensity and quality, and raises stakes for their upcoming album, tilted Shulamith – out Octbober 22 via Mom+Pop in the US and Memphis Industries in the UK.

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