Tears For Fears – Ready To Start (Arcade Fire Cover)


I started watching MTV just about the time the 80’s turned to the 90’s and Tears For Fears’ “Sowing The Seeds Of Love” became number one on MTV’s annual countdown chart. Or number two, not sure I remember exactly. Either way, I truly hated that song, probably because it won over a Michael Jackson track or some other artist I loved, or maybe I was simply too young to appreciate it at the time. I do however remember that the video was absolutely stunning and groundbreaking for its time. Over the years I came to, if not love, than certainly admire Tears For Fears, most notably for their 1984 classic’s “Shout” and Everybody Wants to Rule The World”, even coming to terms with “Sowing The Seeds Of Love” being a stunning song.

This year, their 1983 debut The Hunting is celebrating its 30th anniversary and the band has certainly grown in credibility over the years; covered and sampled by artists like Kanye West, Kimbra, Nas, Dizzee Rascal and Katy Perry. They’ve decided to return the favor in a “reciprocal cross-generational” manner by covering Arcade Fire’s “Ready To Start” taken from their Grammy awarded classic The Suburbs. The end result is surprisingly gorgeous; full of orchestrated keyboard lines, eerie synth pads and broken beats that would make Liam Howlett proud. The duo managed to make the track sound like their own, without taking anything away from the originals anthemic textures.  

It seems that more is coming from the 80’s new wave duo as they’ve reportedly entered the studio to record a follow-up to the near decade old Everybody Love a Happy Ending. This startling cover will most certainly heighten expectations. 


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