Color War – Obelisk


Following Color War’s collection of demos titled The Prismatic Collection EP, the Brooklyn duo recently premiered ”Obelisk” that works as their first proper release. Esthetically and relatively speaking, “Obelisk” inhabits an austere middle-ground between Keep Shelly In Athen’s suggestive ambiance and the smoky expansive textures of Chormatics, while not quite sounding like any of them. Driven by a gloriously manic bass line, “Obelisk” feels almost possessed and pushes further than the regularities of synth-pop. As the ominously radiant synthesizers get increasingly expansive and abstract, Lindsay Mound’s vocals ascend accordingly, up to the point where the tactile framework just barely manages to keep her enclosed. The duo builds mountains of tension, without ever liberating any of it, which creates the sensation of being trapped in a drugged-up, sleepless state of mind with nothing but a pair of headphones as company.

It Could Only Be This Way, Color War’s debut album is set to be released this fall via Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

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