Roosevelt – Elliot EP


Cologne native Marius Luber, a.k.a Roosevelt recently released his debut EP on Greco-Roman, home of Disclosure and Totaly Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs amongst others. It’s a set of jaw-dropping tracks that combines a variety of electronic sub-genres, all beautifully submerged into his distinguishable aesthetics.

The four track EP kicks off with its most vibrant and dance floor friendly moment; the gorgeous sun-kissed “Elliot” that inevitably brings to mind “Odessa”. But unlike Caribou’s wonderful 2010 track, the acid-house tingled bass line plays a smaller role here. Instead, Luber’s efforts goes into creating a spine-tingling atmosphere made up of swooning Balearic synthesizers that rather evoke the chilly textures of Washed Out and Neon Indian. And much like these acts, Luber’s demonstrates a deeper understanding for constructing attention-grabbing hooks that feel current and vibrant. This is life-affirming, joyous music with enough fascinating elements to call for countless repeated listens. The rest of the tracks that make up one of the year’s most accomplished electronic EP’s, are equally gorgeous and equally telling of why Luber is one of the most gifted new torchbearer of pop-influenced electronica.

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