Keep Shelly In Athens – Flyway


Keep Shelly in Athens (the name a twist on Kypseli, a place in Athens) has premiered yet another track of their forthcoming debut album. “Flyway” follows their impressive streak of singles; “Oostende”, “Recollection” and “Madmen Love” as yet another luminous electronic wonder, albeit a bit more lucid and serene. Sarah P’s vocals are layered with reverb and pushed further into the back, to make way for the swelling synths and beaming hip hop beats. It’s less pop than some of their previous singles, and as usual, it’s not a track constructed around a traditional verse-chorus template. Neither is it music tailor-made for sweaty dance floors. Instead “Flyway” lingers between everything and nothing, between being awake and dreaming; for those hazy states of mind when everything is beautiful. At Home is out September 17 on Cascine.  It will be available on digital/vinyl. You can preorder it here.

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