Lucius – Tempest


Following the uplifting, life-affirming “Hey, Doreen”, Lucius have premiered their second track from their forthcoming debut album. While “Hey Doreen” had an energetic 60’s surf-rock going on, “Tempest” leans nearer to the 70’s/80’s with slight nods towards Fleetwood Mac tangled up in gorgeous 80’s synth lines. Their sound on “Tempest” is not unlike that of HAIM and HAERTS, at least when it comes to delivering explosive pop madness concealed under lush west coast folk. But what Lucius manage to perfection, is the way they take all their fairly obvious influences and cram it into instantly accessible pop songs. This sort of songwriting takes years to master, so for a band this young, these two tracks sounds like they come from a band a whole lot more established. I guess it all boils down to their confidence and obviously, there talent for consistent songwriting. And dear all mighty how wonderfully lush those layered vocals of Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe sound.

Lucius debut album, titled Wildewoman is out on October 15 via Mom + Pop. Here’s the tracklist:

Wildewoman Tracklist:
01. Wildewoman
02. Turn It Around
03. Go Home
04. Hey, Doreen
05. Tempest
06. Nothing Ordinary
07. The Two of Us on the Run
08. Until We Get There
09. Don’t Just Sit There
10. Monsters
11. How Loud Your Heart Gets

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