Sun Machine – My Memory Is A Maze


After the release of the breezy translucent “Save Your Sorrows” (which we featured as an instant classic) and the equally hypnotic but more straightforward “Come Down”, Sun Machine is certainly becoming one of my favorite newcomers on the UK indie scene. The enigmatic project of a guy who simply goes by the name of “Tom”, have plans to post a new track every week on SoundCloud with “My Memory Is A Maze” being the latest.

A clearer picture is gradually emerging, and it’s getting clear that “Save Your Sorrow” might not have been the typical Sun Machine composition. Instead the talent of “Tom” lies in hazy guitar riffs and foggy soundscapes, while the vocals are gradually being buried deeper under layers of fuzziness and distortion. As a result, what beforehand was only small delicate hints towards shoegaze, is now a full on demonstration of the genre. But Sun Machine, unlike many of their peers, is bringing something new to the table; all of their four tracks bare obvious distinctive qualities and what you could call a typical “Sun Machine sound” is shaping into form. Then there are the vocals, which for anybody even remotely captivated by Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox should have a hard time ignoring. The similarities with Deerhunter, that for me at least was so obvious on “Save your Sorrow”, has already begun to fade, but they are still traces there, albeit more Weird Era Cont than Halcyon Digest. Considering just how little coverage Sun Machine has received, I’m fairly convinced they’ll end up on my “most overlooked artists of 2013” or something similar. Maybe I’m hearing something no one yet is recognizing, or my musical ear is starting to fail me.

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