Thief – Broken Boy


Thief, fka Thief Urban, is the one-man project of PJ Wolf, an Australian musician who recently decided to turn in his guitars for synthesizers. “Broken Boy” is his first single under the new moniker, one that start of as a club-banger with acid-house arpeggios floating in and out, but as soon as Wolf’s silky smooth falsetto makes an appearance, it’s pretty clear that this far from your typical club track. Wolf’s vocal performance is vaguely reminiscent of George Lewis Jr from Twin Shadow, while the music comes from a darker place, surrounding the vocals with a murky minimalistic ambiance. “Broken Boy” is largely defined by its melodic immediacy, and it pushes towards you with a crisp and airy production that feels like a good ol’ slap in the face. Based on this track alone, it’s hard to argue against Wolf’s decision to go electronic.

“Broken Boy” is out September 6th.

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