Vaults – Cry No More


Ok, so there might not be anything novel about Vaults grand entry into the music business; they are anonymous with very little information available, they are fronted by a forceful and baroque female voice, the composition is dramatically emotional, and they originate out of the UK. All this sounds familiar right? I immediately think of Florence + The Machines, London Grammar, Paper Crows, Curxes to name a few.

“Cry No More”, their first and only track, begins slowly with chiming glockenspiel over simple piano chords. As the chorus makes its entrance, beautifully orchestrated strings appear, waiting patiently for the pulsating bass to kick in. As with most of this sort of bands, the vocals are the deal breaker; and on “Cry No More”, Vault delivers a gorgeous performance with a sufficient combination of strength and restraint to stand out. “Cry No More” is eclectic, well produced and a highly promising start.

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