Dënver – Las Fuerzas


Instant Classic

I read about the Chilean duo Dënver a couple of months back over at We Listen For You without giving it much thought. In their review WLFY referenced their music as a weird offspring of a Wes Anderson movie and ABBA, which frankly wasn’t enough to pull me in. Boy, was I wrong. “Las Fuerzas” (meaning; forces), the opening tracks of the brilliantly schizophrenic third album Fuera De Campo, is one of the year’s most beautiful songs. Heavy on the horns, cellos and strings, it spears through my flesh into every single one of my bones. Even If I don’t understand a word they saying, it means little. Their way of communicating with timeless melancholic melodies is more than enough to get their point across. I couldn’t have thought of the more appropriate track to score these last days of summer.

It’s also sad to hear, that a band you finally discovered just announced their break-up, or at least long-term hiatus. Hopefully, it’s the latter; otherwise it would be a sad day for music.


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