Some Minor Noise – Coffers


This is the first time I post a track from the Toronto duo, and I admit it’s long overdue.  Jane Void an Wayne Doe, more known as the future-pop outfit Some Minor Noise, has slowly become one of the most fascinating new addition to the Canadian electronic music scene. They first appeared on to the scene roughly a year ago with a rakish noisy cover of Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind”. The five-track self-titled EP that followed gave several inclinations why this duo were worth keeping an eye on.

Fast-forward to now, and the productive duo have uploaded numerous new erratic electronic cuts on their SoundCloud page. Best of the bunch is the pitch-shifting, hypnotic “Coffers”, with a sound that sits firmly between Crystal Castles’ softer side and the ominous electro- pop of Purity Ring. It has probably something to do with the climate, but their music is just as dark and nocturnal as one would expect from a Canadian synth-pop outfit. Still, this is the softest, most melodious release from the duo so far, keeping their promise of making music to “dance/cry/break stuff to”. Freed from being buried too deep in the mix, lead singer Jane’s vocals are crispy clear that gives sparkles of light amidst the nervy surroundings; “I left the city for the sunset, couldn’t see the stars through the darkness”, she croons while the synthesizers keeps blazing around her.

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