Matt Kivel – Tetro & Rainbow Trout


While we’re on the subject (from our previous post that is), Matt Kivel used to play guitar in Gap Dream, but decided a while back to try it on his own. Kivel’s music has very little, if nothing at all, to do with the psychedelic pop of his former band, but it’s no less wonderful and timeless.

So far, Kivel has released two songs, both of them delicate wistful folk numbers sung in a beautiful falsetto that, dare I say it, reminds a tad bit of Justin Vernon’s well documented wooden cabin recordings. It’s difficult to choose a favorite; both tracks are full of warmth and tuneful delicacies that shouldn’t leave the perceptive listener unaffected. Still, “Tetro”, with its brilliant two-faced presence that alters between Kivel’s gentle vocals and an aerial ambient middle part, is the more progressive and stirring of these two delightfully serene compositions. “Tetro” was released roughly six months ago and is now trailed by the more traditionally structured “Rainbow Trout”, on where Kivel croons “Sweet babe, don’t cry” with a sincere and comforting friendliness over an acoustic guitar and subtle piano chords. Both tracks will play part of Matt Kivel’s debut album under his own name. Double Exposure is due out on October 15 via Olde English Spelling Bee.

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