Active Child – Subtle (featuring Mikky Ekko)


Compared to 2011 You Are All I See, Active Child’s latest single ”Subtle” doesn’t exactly have a fitting title. Gone are the harps and the minimalistic soundscape in favour of intense electronic textures that are heavily indebted to 80’s synth-pop. As the layers thicken, Pat Grossi’s beautiful choir-boy falsetto ascends accordingly, and gets a lending hand from Mikky Ekko (famed for Rihanna’s “Stay”). The pair works out the emotionally lavish vocals in between them, and the result is Part Grossi’s most eye-catching work to date. If this is the road Grossi choses to travel down, than the featuring looks increasingly bright.

“Subtle” will be featured on Active Child’s upcoming EP Rapor  out October 22 via Vagrant.

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