Son Lux – Lost It To Trying


Instant Classic

The man behind Son Lux is Ryan Lott, a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, who’s renowned for working with Sufjan Stevens, Arcade Fire, These New Puritans as well as composing music for the New York-based ensemble yMusic (known for working with Justin Vernon on Bon Iver Bon Iver), but it’s on his baby project Son Lux where he truly excels. And as far as electronic art-pop goes, no one does it with more shrewdness and skill than Lott.

His latest composition “Lost It To Trying” is a methodically constructed creation, full with experimental quirkiness that by processing horns and flutes beyond recognition, effectively blurs the line between acoustics and electronics. It displays a delicate tradeoff between live and programmed percussions, highly complex in its arrangement, that could only have been created by someone with a vast experience of classical compositions and musical methodology. And at the same time, by holding a catchy refrain, “Lost It To Trying” is all about pop sentiment and accessibility. It also displays one of the most euphoric and anthemic opening I’ve heard in ages, a passage that is repeated towards the end to great success.

“Lost It To Trying” is the perfect combination of experimental engineering and a straight-up pop song. It’s the sort of track that makes it near impossible to find appropriate references, or any nostalgic suggestions. This is music that pushes the boundaries, explores new sounds and finds new ways of constructing a pop song. It’s quite simply remarkable.

“Lost It To Trying” is the first taste of Son Lux upcoming third album Lanterns, out on October 29 via Joyful Noise Records. Limited edition vinyls are still available to order here.

Lanterns Tracklist:
01. Alternate World
02. Lost It To Trying
03. Ransom
04. Easy
05. No Crimes
06. Pyre
07. Enough Of Our Machines
08. Plan The Escape
09. Lanterns Li

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