High Highs – A Real Hero (College cover)


Bands like High Highs were one of the reasons I’ve started this blog in the first place. This is a band with an obvious talent that gets persistently overlooked by major webzines and critiques. On my far from good review of High Highs debut album, I was concerned that Open Season would become a short lived love affair and its instantly spellbinding impact would diminish over time. Well it couldn’t be far from the truth. The more slow-burning nature of tracks like “Love Is All” and “Slow It Down” has become a persistent part of my playlists, and I still hold “Once Around the House” as one of the most gorgeous dream-pop creations of late.

The Australian dream-pop duo has toured regularly since the release of Open Season, and will continue doing so this fall together with STARS. As a staple part of their life shows, they’ve covered College & Electric Youth’s “A Real Hero” (for those who’ve been living on another planet the last few years, the track is famous for being part of the Nicolas Winding Refn directed Drive soundtrack). Between tours, the duo found time to record the cover, replacing the Carpenter-esque synth lines of the original with some lustrous The Cure-like guitars, as well as turning up the tempo a bit – both to great effect. It does what any great cover suppose to; bringing in new ideas as well as highlighting the strength of an already wonderful original.

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