Perera Elsewhere – Bizarre


The Berlin-based but London-born singer Sasha Perera is the latest edition to the LA-based Friends Of Friends label. And for a label known for releasing cutting-edge electronic acts like Shlomo and Tomas Barfod, the signing of Perera is a clear break from the norm.

Perera’s music is skewed towards acoustics, offering up a bluesy singer-songwriter sound anchored by her own husky vocals. On “Bizarre”, the lead singer of her forthcoming debut, she navigates the haunting melody flawlessly with the lyrics “its been a long time by the look of things / long time money’s running everything / the same 10 families that run this show / friends with the president, friends with the pope”, signing her name in the cement of her beliefs.

Perera’s debut album, titled Everlast, focuses on “the corruption of organized religion, gender discrimination and technological advancements leading to human over-dependence.”. Out on October 28.

“Bizzarre” is out now, along with an EP featuring remixes from Kyson and Hype Williams amongst others.

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