The Field – Cupid’s Head


2007’s From Here We Go Sublime was one of the best minimalistic techno albums of the past decade, or actually one of the best electronic albums, period. Under his The Field moniker, Axel Willner has successfully kept on releasing immersive compositions with crossover appeal that pulls equal amounts of inspiration form ambient electronics deepest roots as the subliminal techno swagger of Kompakt Records. His creations are often built around perpetual layers of simple loops, no more than a short guitar or voice sample that slowly moves around subtle 4/4 beats until they culminate into wall-of-sound type of textures.

While still built on shrewdly layered loops, his compositions have over the years become increasingly richer and assured, drawing inspiration from a much wider spectrum, perhaps best exemplified by  “Is This Power” and “It’s Up There” from his 2011 Looping State Of Mind. These tracks showed how Willner’s music slowly had grown into more “pop”, containing elements from punk, funk and soul, and by doing so, he successfully reconnected with the indie crowd that he temporarily left disgruntled with the uneven and less inspired difficult second album Yesterday and Today.

“Cupid’s Head”, Willner’s latest release and the title track of his upcoming fourth album, might lack the intensity of Looping State Of Mind’s finest moments, but it’s nonetheless his most inviting and easily digested creation. It may not find any new followers outside of those who are already invited, but it may be comforting to hear that little has changed since his absolutely stunning previous album. From a guy who’s already delivered two masterpieces, and got that uncertain less-marvelous album out of the way, I expect nothing less than great things from Cupid’s Head. Out in October via Kompakt.

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