VV Brown – The Apple


Vanessa Brown, otherwise known as VV Brown released her debut album Traveling Like The Light back in 2009 to relatively decent reviews, but struggled ever since to follow up with new material. In 2011, she announced that a second album was on its way and a single titled “Children” was released to mark the occasion, but the album never saw the light of day since Brown “didn’t feel it was right as an artist”. Instead she went back into the studio to record a new album from scratch with Dave Okumu from The Invisible and Pierre-Marie Maulini, aka STAL and ex-memner of M83.

The sound of her new record, marked by latest single “The Apple”  is a bold departure from her previous material; it’s dark, electronic and considerably less chart friendly, even if the foundation is a groove reminiscent of Destiny’s Child “Bootylicious”. Otherwise, it takes some stylistic cues from Grace Jones and there’s a bit of 90’s euro cheese going on, but all in all “The Apple” marks an inspired comeback for an artist down for the count.

VV Browns new album (technically third album) is titled Samson & Delilah and is out now.

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