Cull – World Inside Your Head


On the first half of “World Inside Your Head”, Cull sounds like a rather decent shoegaze outfit enconpassing those almost mandatory slightly-off-tune guitar techniques that I’ve heard my share of bands employing. However, from around the two minute mark and onward, the tracks transform into an absolutely stunning psychedelic instrumental, embracing an overwhelming arrangement of euphoric synth pads that climbs until it completely deconstructs into an array of noisy mayhem.

The Sydney four-piece certainly portray a knack for construction atmospheres, evident by layers of beautiful instruments swirling and weaving around a conservatively straightforward melody. Most of the bands previous releases carry on in a similar vein, but nothing strikes this immediately and powerfully. Cull have produced a slice of psychedelic heaven buried inside classical shoegaze textures, but at the same time, the ambiance is a whole lot more extrovert and earwormy than what we typically would expect from this genre. But as with most Australian bands; blame the cheery good mood on the weather.

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