MGMT – Cool Song No.2


I’m not entirely convinced that MGMT’s latest album is as mediocre as most reviews seems to suggest. The jury here is still out on their self-titled third album, but the first, second and third impression, leads me to believe that there’s more under the surface than meets the eye (or in this case; the ear). For now, it’s safe to say that the duo have released a quite twisted and morbid video for “Cool Song No.2”, a track that actually is more difficult to digest than most on MGMT. I can only conclude that the release of “Cool Song No.2” as a single is yet another stunt to alienate their Oracular-fan base. Any other logic would suggest either “Mystery Disease” or “Introspection” as more obvious choices. Either way, if you – like me -welcomed MGMT’s Congratulation, then I urge you not to listen to the countless reviews at the lower end of the spectrum. It takes time to digest MGMT, and since most reviewers work under editorial pressure, they’ve failed by default to give a credible justification for their ratings.

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