Cut Copy – Free Your Mind (Fort Romeau remix)


With Fort Romeau’s hands on the trigger, Cut Copy’s newly released “Free Your Mind” is transformed into eight minutes of pure Balearic bliss. The psych-pop meets acid-house elements of the original is more or less scrapped in favor of entrancing sun-kissed house grooves that should bring back memories for anybody who has been around long enough to first handedly have witnessed the hedonistic mid-to-late 90’s Ibiza.

Rightfully, the attention around the Londoners tropically painted textures is increasing by the hour, and this remix is not only amongst his best work to date (alongside his absolutely brilliant remix of Holy Other’s “Held”), but also the one that should present him to a wider audience. And while I still believe that a lot of the creativity formerly associated with the remix art-form is lost, it’s encouraging to witness an artist who not only presents new ideas to a remix, but also leaves his own distinctive footprint behind.

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