Son Lux – Easy


One of my favorite electronic composers at the moment is Ryan Lott who under his Son Lux alias creates spine-tingling music by blurring the line between electronic and organic textures.  His newly released “Lost It To Trying” is a stroke of genius that plays out like a flawless trade-off between accessible pop sentiment and experimental eccentricity. But unlike “Lost It To Trying”, his latest offering is significantly less intense and erratic. “Easy” is an unhurried creation, shaped around neatly clinking synth chords and processed horns, while the vocals twist and morphs like Karin Drejer on valium.

On these two tracks, the classically schooled Lott has revealed an impressive range of intelligent songwriting that’s almost impossible to file under a certain category. And as I wrote once before; Lott’s music pushes the boundaries by exploring new sounds with traditional elements that sheds new light on how a pop song could (and should) be constructed.

Son Lux upcoming third album Lanterns is out on October 29 via Joyful Noise Records. Order your vinyl copy here.

Lanterns Tracklist:
01. Alternate World
02. Lost It To Trying
03. Ransom
04. Easy
05. No Crimes
06. Pyre
07. Enough Of Our Machines
08. Plan The Escape
09. Lanterns Lit

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