Oliver Tank – Different Speed


One of the hardest things for any new artist to master is to adequately balance novelty and forward glazing with enough accessibility to avoid alienating a potential audience. On his two year old debut, Australian act Oliver Tank, managed to do just that; create the perfect balance between these contrasting attributes. And as a result he has reached a small portion of blog hype as well as the opportunity to open for the likes of James Blake, Lorde and Lana Del Rey.

Press forward to now, and Tank return with his first release since Dreams. On first impression, “Different Speed” is his most easily digestible, featuring fascinating beat making from Ta-Ku that works as the framework for Tank’s synthesizers to stretch out upon. This time around, Tank left the vocoders aside and as a result his vocals are much cleaner and in focus, even borderline catchy on where he sings; “Slow down world, you move too fast for me”.

In an age when minimalistic electronica is confused with R&B, Oliver Tank’s music should find a bigger audience than on his debut. Especially considering that “Different Speed” perfects the uniquely balanced electronic experiments of his debut into his most accessible creation to date.

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