Paul Conrad – Something In The Way (Nirvana cover)


Remember Paul Conrad’s stunning ”Thanks For Nothing”, a track we featured a while back with big praise. It was an impressive debut that portrayed Conrad as a talented vocalist and songwriter with enduring potentials. Now, Australia’s best kept secret is back with a cover of Nirvana’s “Something In The Way”. It’s my favorite Niravana song of all time and Conrad make great use of his varied voice to do it justice. As with “Thanks For Nothing”, his only single thus far, he use a lot of reverb and echoes on the production that gives the feeling of attending a crowd-less performance in small auditorium, adding to the apparent intimacy.

In contrast to his former release, “Something In The Way” introduces drum machines and synthesizers to his repertoire, while he attempt to sing in a much lower key. It’s a bold move to play with such a monumental song, but compared to a lot of covers floating the web, Conrad prospers where other fails, as it feels unforced and never attempts to sound much like the original. On “Something In The Way” as well as on “Thanks For Nothing”, Conrad shows just how devastatingly passionate songs he can create, that it almost feel effortless.

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