TEEN – Big Talk



This is my first encounter with Brooklyn prog-rock outfit TEEN and clearly I’ve missed out. The trio’s, or quartet’s (depending on the source) noiseless release of their debut LP In Limbo completely passed me by upon its release, and while it might be late for redemption, it’s worth noting that it’s one of the most underrated debuts of last year.

The Brooklyn sister then went on to release the very fine Carolina EP earlier this summer with producer Daniel Schlett (who also worked with DIIV on Oshin). Also recorded during those sessions was “Big Talk”, a track that starts with a monumental oscillating synth line, beautifully coordinated with the light-footed vocals of Kristina Lieberson. As the song progress, it plays like the most wonderful pop songs hidden under complex arrangements and brilliant ideas. While Caroline was pleasing, it didn’t hit the mark in the way “Big Talk” does. If a bit underrated beforehand, the Brooklyn sisters should, at least in a perfect world, be the most talked about new bands during the rest of the year.

“Big Talk” is released via Carpark Records.

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