Born Gold – Braille


As a former front man of the now dissolved Gobble Gobble, Cecil Frena is no stranger to unconventional pop music. But as part of Born Gold, he creates something more conjuring while still maintaining a certain amount of eccentricity associated with his former band. But it’s first only now, on the upcoming third album, I Am An Exit, that the sound is set to fully form into something distinctly different, at least that’s what “Hunger”, “Abdomen” and now “Braille” is indicative of. Bodysongs and Little Sleepwalker where cluttered and bizarre, at best some kind of genre-bending curiosities that displayed none of the playfulness and intensity of the new material.

“Braille” clinches to strong melodious synth work that evoke associations to cheesy 90’s rave tracks, but the music comes from a dark place, reinforced by the amount of tension built as the erratic and volatile synthesizers interacts with the sinister vocals. These peculiarities are balanced out with a rich melody that marks a considerable leap forward in accessibility, while still holding all the sincere experimental obscurities that Born Gold is known for.

I Am An Exit is out October 8 on vinyl and limited tape via Chill Mega Chill Records.

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