Blood Cultures – Indian Summer


As yet another faceless indie pop outfit without a single shred of biography available, Blood Cultures’ entry to the music scene could easily be written off as a tried-and-tested marketing gimmick. But one might just as easily claim that it has one great advantage; the music is left to speak for itself.

“Indian Summer” is the outcome of the most savory ingredients we came to associate with dream-pop. A rather straightforward introduction pave the way for detonating synthesizers in similar vein as The Knife’s “Heartbeat” and LCD Soundsystem’s ”Dance Yrself Clean”. The fact that these two tracks are deeply rooted in my DNA certainly add to my enthusiasm, but it’s not without substance. “Indian Summer” might fail to reveal anything new under the sun, but its melodic chord progression and instant ear-catchiness makes it a highly colorful and engaging listen. Whether Blood Cultures can manifest their prosperous takeoff into something beyond “the flavor of the day”, remains yet to be seen, but either way, with “Indian Summer”, the New Jersey outfit certainly caught my attention.

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