Pr0files – Call Yourself A Lover


On the newly formed Pr0files debut, “Call Yourself A Lover”, Danny Sterbaum teams up with longtime friend Lauren Pardini to deliver an earwormy synth explosion in similar vein as Chvrches and other female fronted electro-pop acts dedicated to glowing 80’s throwbacks. Much like the Scottish outfit, “Call Yourself A Lover” portrays a deeper rooted musical awareness than what you would typically expect from your average synth-pop outfit. Both in terms of lyrics and production, there’s a certain substance on display here, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s an experienced duo with a background in several notable projects. As part of the underrated duo Baby Monsters, Danny Sterbaum has created lush electronic based music for what seems like ages, while Lauren has worked with Purity Ring member Corin Roddick and in addition was a member of the now dissolved The Boy Traveler, a trio that also included pre-Skrillex Sonny More and Sterbaum.

“Call Yourself A Lover” is persevering and absorbing, standing as a confident drop in an infinity sea of nocturnal synth-pop craze. The trance-y synth lines soar along Lauren’s hypnotic vocals ’til they reach the glistering heights of the two minute mark. From there-and-on, it’s a free-falling sort of thing. Beautiful. Lush. Hazy. And all the worn out words appropriate to describes it.

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